OLI Mechanic Precision Gearing

In over sixty years in gear manufacturing we have played a key role in highly innovative precision gear machining thanks to constant technological developement and investiments in research and improving our technical expertise.
Our gears are highly specialised and are made with materials that comply with the directive and strictest precision and safety standards (a total certification of conformity).

The best kind to predict future is to invent it

Alan Key

OLI: Made to Move

Experience play a key role to our success, a broad vision of the industrial sector in which we operate.
Technology, innovation and skill in the production process, guarantee hight quality to our customers.


sqs-bigSQS: Management System Certification

SQS is member of the International certification net IQNet. For many time SQS perform certifications for numerous groups of companies worldwide and is specialized in global certification processes.

iqnet-bigIQNet: Administration System Certification

IQNet is the largest global network at world level for certifications of administration systems. The partners of IQNet are selected by a severe qualifying procedure with a best practice assessment. IQNet undertakes to comply with international standards of reference in terms of auditing and certification.